Top 10 Tips for beginners in wood carving

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Wood carving is the best way to decorate plain wood. This craft allows you to show and use your creativity to add décor to any room. Many people have wanted to master the art of wood carving for
years. Its roots can be traced back to France and Italy in the middle ages. There are some tips that you learn before starting out.

Top 10 Tips for beginners in wood carving

-Start out simplewood-carving

When choosing your first few projects it is important to be kind to yourself and choose projects that might discourage you from continuing with wood carving.

-Have a set of carving tools

There are six tools that a beginner should have. They include a chisel, bent chisel, skew, bent v parting tool, bent gouge and a straight gouge. Keep on adding the number of tools you have as you get more involved with wood carving.


Find a book or two related to wood carving in order to get some insights on how to curve properly. Join curving clubs or learn by listening and watching other carvers. Watch online videos of carvers that do beautiful work.


Remember, you will be using sharp tools when carving that can cause serious injuries if mishandled. To avoid accidents when carving, wear gloves.

-Types of wood

For starters, basswood is the best type of wood to use. If you don’t want to paint your work Butternut is recommended.

rama-his-wife-sita-wood-carving-6705534-Take your time

To produce an exceptional piece, you need time. Ensure you don’t rush your project if you want to avoid mistakes that will make you start afresh your project.

-Buy precut kits

To make your job easier as well as faster, buy precut kits available in different sizes and shapes. You can look for them online so that you buy those that you think will help you.


Your work place has to be clean if you need to concentrate on your project. If your workplace is untidy, you may end up doing a poor job.

-Join woodcarving classes

During your free time you should join some basic classes so that you study wood carving in depth. This will surely enhance your skills.

-Save money

If you want to save money, borrow tools at a small fee. Buying tools that you won’t need after the project doesn’t make any sense. Don’t end up regretting why you bought some tools.

If you are a beginner, woodcarving is not easy; it’s an art that is mastered slowly and gradually. Try it, you might like it!

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